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The Benefits of a Lighter Pointe Shoe

The first pointe shoe was a “barely-there” slipper, a mere scrap of a thing with some extra stitching and a tapered toe. Romantic era ballerinas, like pointe shoe pioneer Marie Taglioni (1804–84), relied entirely on strength of leg and plenty of fortitude to stay en pointe while simultaneously appearing ethereal and sylph-like. Dancers today, however, […]


8 Common Problems Associated With Dancing En Pointe

Our feet and toes endure enormous amounts of stress and significant weight-bearing while dancing en pointe. As a result of this stress, there are certain foot conditions that may develop at any time. En Pointe Orthotics aim to prevent these foot problems rather than accepting them as part of a dancer’s life. En pointe dancing […]

The Ultimate Back 2 Dance Checklist

Back 2 Dance can be a very busy time of the year and it’s easy to forget some things.  To make life easy for you and help you stay organised, we have put together a simple yet super helpful checklist that you can download, print and refer to whenever you need. At Palace En Pointe […]

Bundaberg’s Best Dance Schools (UPDATED: 2019)

Dance is an art and finding a great dance school is a must when it comes to perfecting that art. However, there are many dance schools out there, but it is important for you as a parent or a dance student to find the dance school that’s right for you. That’s why we have put […]

How Royal Ballet Dancers Prepare Their Pointe Shoes

Moving up to pointe shoes is a very exciting time in every ballerinas life. Once your instructor says that you have passed the test, it is straight to your local dance shop to pick out your first pair of pointe shoes. But Before you do, there are a few things you should consider in order […]

How To Make A Perfect Ballet Bun

Looking for a classic updo that you can create in an instant? Try a sleek ballerina bun. A ‘ballerina bun‘ hairstyle might look complicated, but as long as your hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail, the style is actually quite simple to achieve. In this quick video tutorial, Bloch shows you how to […]